Friday, September 30, 2011

Bumbo sleep.

This kid doesn't sleep easy, especially lately-- and then all of the sudden we look at him and this is what we see...
There was no struggle.
He has never done anything like this; neither did Jax. So it really has me quite smitten. :)

Is it too cute for you? Cause it's too cute for me... 

And this is what Jax thought about it. :)
Cheers to delicious babies!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


First of all, remember when I said Rod did 8hr stretches at night? That stopped the moment I wrote it. It's 6 hours now; and then I'm lucky to get him to sleep 2 hrs more. grrr. It was all so good...He is tired ALL the time now. Wonderful, I'm working on that.
Secondly, Rod rolled over last night! From his back to his stomach! And he's done it twice today! And that is with him getting a combined "ground" time of like 15 minutes since birth. I'm so proud. I don't think Jax "rolled over" until he crawled, which was when he started walking. :)
Look, he's so proud that he rolled! :)
I want to remember that this is how Jax goes to sleep at night. 
 I LOVE this contraption over his crib. 
 We are all aware that Jax is crazy coordinated and  jumps and climbs like nobody's business; that said, climbing/jumping out of his crib--no matter which way it was facing or what we tried--became one of his favorite past times in a hurry.  This kid HATES sleep and fights it really hard as it is, so, once he could get out, everything was a nightmare...just for a week, THEN we acquired this tent/child capture-er thing from my Aunt Marci (who is brilliant). Basically= He. Cannot. Get. Out.

p.s. Jax was totally tired when i was taking these pictures last case you can't tell. :)
It totally zips up with no outlet for escape. I really think it even helps Jax feel safe--seriously, he REALLY seems to likes it. His sleeping has gotten SO much better, and it is at least a little more in our control.
It's like the "child product" I would say I "can't live without".
I have no idea when this 2 1/2 yr old is going to switch to a toddler bed---but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Why would I do that when everyone is so happy this way?
Sadly, that faraway "toddler bed" day is probably similar in time ratio to the far away "potty trained" day and the "doesn't take a bottle to bed" day... I'm such a good mom. I should get an award, or teach a class or something. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

End of September Update

These are super recent pictures of Rod. Notice his cute little smile--he is smiling more now.
 He will be 4 months old tomorrow. He still has a fairly unpredictable sleeping schedule, especially in the day-time. Nights he will usually do an 8 hour stretch--he has actually been doing that for a long time. Day-time he is all over the shop, totally inconsistent. Sometimes 3 hr naps, sometimes 20 minutes, sometimes 3 naps, sometimes 1...sometimes I know he is tiered so I'll put him in his crib and just let him scream himself to sleep, sometimes that doesn't work. 
Jax was a lot better at being on a schedule. Rod is a new beast. But Jax was really bad at night, and Rod rules at night. You win some, you loose some.

TOO cute.

He makes this face 90% of the time when he's not crying.

Oooohhhh. Check my husband ya'll.
Justin made these extremely sturdy shelves for our new garage. All by himself. This house is turning him into QUITE the handy man. He's proud, I'm proud. It's a good thing. They are filled now. Shelves are wonderful. I HATE stacking things.
Good job hon.

I told Jax to smile and this is what he did. 

 On September 10th we went to this UVU alumni breakfast and fair thing. They had a ton of fire trucks and emergency vehicels. Jax LOVES emergency vehicles. :) So he thought it was pretty cool.

Here he is playing with a fire truck.

Here he is in front of a brush rig. It was huge.

This was his MOST favorite part of the fair. The kids make "rockets" and then put them on this launcher, and they LAUNCH. So I made him this stupid rocket and I had to modify it 3 times to get it to finally work. Meanwhile little 7 yr old's had theirs shooting SO high. After Jaxton's started working that was all he wanted to do. Launch, launch, launch. That was really fun.

 I love this picture--Jax was trying to be like his dad who puts grass on the tip of his lips and just lets it chill there. I don't really get it, but look how cute jax is. :) 

Monday, September 12, 2011

He has been blessed.

Rod was blessed last Sunday!
 This is what he looked like the morning of.  SO cute to me. 
I thought we were good to go that morning, but we weren't. We were late for church! Isn't that terrible? On Rod's blessing day. We get there and both our families are already there in their entirety and we have to try and find a seat embarrassing. 
Also,  add that I had to run to my mom's for some last minute fixes (the after party was at her house) so I had my flip-flops on---was in such a hurry getting Rods cloths on and getting pictures before we left that I didn't change into my church shoes (which are SO darling btw) and just wore flip-flops to church. oops. And it looks really good in the pictures. We were just setting the good example in many ways. And Jax didn't have his shirt buttoned or his tie on. oop. 
It's not like our church starts at 8am, it starts at 11. We had plenty of time--just weird set-backs. yeeha.

But DANG, isn't this kid cute???

He knows it.

Jaxton's shirt was still in the dryer, but he really wanted to be in the picture. :)

Trying to get a good family picture seems so simple--but it just isn't.

 It might be hard for you to tell, but our boys aren't exactly cooperating. :)
(ignore the flip flops)

Rod was blessed with a lot of really good things.
 I really liked that in the beginning of his blessing he was blessed "first and foremost to know that you are a son of God."
It was a really nice blessing, beautifully worded.

 Clarissa must have been writing like a mad women--she had it all written down for me, bless the sister-in-law. :)

Everyone, came to my mom's house after for soups and ice cream sandwiches. It was a really nice time. Thanks for everyone that came, we have a lot of really good family support.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Capital Reef 2011

At the last minute we decided to join my mom's family in Capital Reef last weekend.
 It was pretty fun.  It's the kind of fun you can only have with a 2 yr old that hasn't napped or eaten since leaving home. Mostly everyone there had a 2 yr old. They handled theirs a lot better than me. 
Not to mention about 4 poopy diapers a day---from JUST Jax. Seriously? Rod did that too. Saaweeet!
Love spending time with the fam though. My aunts are so fun.

Jaxton's favorite thing to do while we were "camping" was to throw rocks. Mostly into bushes and water (water is his favorite) but occasionally into the inoccent bystander.

I got a few good pictures, love these first two. These kids were so cute, they would do a little parade and just follow one right after the other. When one would do something, they all would. They had a tendency to follow Jax, he was the intriguing boy. :)

Uncle Gord spoiled these kids with sugar water the entire time he was there...Cheers.

Every time I go camping Grandpa always seems to put Rod to sleep at some point. I should make a collection of "Grampa holding Rod sleeping" pictures. 

 Jax with his cousin Arthur. Dispite the age difference Arthur was nice and played with Jax

I think every picture I have of Justin while we are camping he is making this face. It's his Go-To face for pictures.
 Excellent choice babe. :)

I love this Chanel-y girl.

My sister and bro-in-law putting down their tent....neener neener, we didn't have a tent. We roughed it Hotel(Motel) style.
(But seriously, that hotel was pretty weird-creepy-gross.)

 STICK MOMMY!! We saw a lot of those.

Happy Rod sleeping in his little bundle. I heart him.

My cute super Mom and Dad and Sister and Mai-bug.

 This isn't a good enough shot of these two; they are IN LOVE. They always play really cute together until Jax hits Mai with the nearest hard object. :(
 This camping trip it tended to be the "walking" sticks my dad made for his 3 walking grand kids..."whacking" stick was what they soon became; unfortunately (or mostly just fortunately), Jaxtons was confiscated and has disappeared.

The fam, having a very spiritual "devotional" while all the other, more righteous family went to church in Bicknell.

Cute, we love each other.
(and that's my Go-To face for pictures)

Fun, hot times. Huraay for family!