Friday, November 19, 2010

Dont read if you don't want to see a side profile of a drawn bum....

Firstly, here are some recents of Jax...he is a big boy. Poor kid gets really bored REALLY fast. And sadly, he has a mom that doesn't entertain, at all. So you can imagine...He has a recent MAJOR obsession with Thomas the Train. Like he wants to watch 24/7--you don't believe me i know, just ask my mom or husband. He is just SO busy. SSOOO busy. He has his 18 month appointment on Monday. He's just growin right up. He is pretty coordinated, he jumps really well on my parents trampoline, and can jump with both feet off the ground, not on a tramp, he LOVES to run "fast" and throw everything and anything at everyone and anything. He is still a terrible eater and we are all constantly amazed he is as thick as he is, but he's thinning out. He's pretty good at communicating and talking, but also really good at rambling in incoherent jibber-jabber. Both are VERY cute.:) Now you can read on...

So, I'm officially in my second trimester...hallelujah. Landmark of happiness. That's right; 14 weeks baby. I'm so, so glad. So glad. For me, time just crawls when I'm pregnant. I found out at like 4 weeks; and i feel like it's totally just been snail pace. You wait for 5 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 7 weeks, then 8---you see what i mean? Not even in the double digits yet and it's already annoying. :) Don't I sound patient? well, I'm not.:) I got sick at 6 weeks with this one, instead of at 9 weeks like I was with Jax---and the nausea was a little worse than I remembered with that might have added to the slow feeling of it all. But I'm pretty much not sick anymore, just hungry.:) BOO-YA. Second trimester rules. Anyway, just wanted to share my joy. Sorry about the naked picture below---I'm so excited about being 14 weeks i don't even care that I'm posting a naked picture on my blog. Plus it's discrete naked. Just be thankful it's a drawing and not the real thing---as in a side view of me naked...hehe, that would be bad...bad...;)

And, in case you couldn't tell, my baby is the size of a lemon.:) We are g-e-t-t-i-n-g there!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

we're pretty cool

Justin and I went to Park City for the weekend (Thurs., Fri., got back today, Saturday). It was GREAT. In a word. Eating out every meal has got to be one of the best things ever; not being responsible for a child; hanging with my eternal companion. I've been looking forward to it for a LONG time. My AMAZING parents/family/GREAT grandparents Haight all made this possible by watching my cute little CRAZY baby. For 3 days!
THANK YOU!!!! You are the BEST!!!
Jax had a blast; didn't care one iota that I was gone. Seriously, when  I got back and we finally left to go back to our house with him; he just kept sadly and pathetically saying as we got in the car and drove away "mai mai....mai mai" (that is what he calls my mom) over and over, almost bringing himself to tears... He REALLY missed me.
Another happy thought:
We have 18 people in my extended family to buy Christmas presents for (excluding Justin, me and Jax). While we were in Park City we went to the outlets and SCORED. Got EVERYONE pretty darn cool presents, and dude; we got D-E-A-L-S. And so, now we are done. WHAT??!?! I've NEVER been done this early...But i'm NOT complaining. We are SO happy. We did so good. We were like the shopping masters--we were just on a roll the whole day. We basically shopped for like 10 hours, and we still liked each other after. How many women can say that about their husbands? I know, Justin is a cool shopper. A good trick to help if you have a problem getting your guy to go, and go with a smile, is to let him buy something for himself about every, oh, hour and 1/2...It's not the cheapest thing but you gotta weigh your priorities. :) j/k...kind of.
Anyway. We are PROUD. To bad we only think to take pictures of our son--hence none from our anniversary thing...sad.

Thanks again to my family--love you!

ps. If you don't go on a overnight-er for your anniversary--you should; give yourself a break. I highly doubt you wont like it...:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween pictures

Remember when my baby used to look like this?? I don't. sad. That was last halloween.
I just got done watching a video of it...sob. Cute little superman.

AND remember how last year Justin was Wolverine?

Well this year he decided not to mess up a good can see him in the background...:)
AND look at this cute little elephant!!!
 I promise he is 20x cute-er (is that a word) in person. If that is possible. He looked SO cute. And i didn't get a bum shot of him, which is sad because there was padding in this costume and jax was a little tall and really got a wedgie from it. SO cute from the behind.... :)
 The trunk-r-treat was right during his nap-time. This might help explain his overall look in most of these...
 I actually dressed up this year. I was supposed to just be a asain person but it turned into the freaky asian from down-under. To bad i didn't do a closeup of my face---pretty scary! or my ears--sprayed with black spray. gross.
It was all pretty fun. Jax looked SO cute. I couldn't get enough. Like i say, the pictures suck. But we had a good time with him. We went and saw both grandparents that night to show him off. Grandparents are the BEST people to show your kid off to.