Thursday, December 31, 2009


Yes, really.

Honestly folks, fat free, 5 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein in 1/2 cup.
AND it's not GROSS!

I had me a cup and a half for lunch.
Probably not the
best choice for lunch, but dude, it's not THAT bad. :)

On a related note... I just started "Chalean Extreme". It's like a killer 3 month workout thing. VERY "Extreme". I'm going to loose tons of weight. :) I did it this morning and was pretty sure i was on the verge of death. I'm posting this so that i know you know, therefore i will be held somewhat accountable in my mind and wont sissy out. Get ready world here i come.
Pray for me. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Cheer.

Christmas Party in Tooele+ Family= Yummyness and fun. (Yummyness from the food and the babies:)

I think Jax might have been the most festive one there... Aside from me in my green shirt that is...:)

Below: A not-so-happy but super cute Santa.

I really need to be better about taking pictures, this is all i have of the whole party. :( i'll work on that...

Yay for Christmas!

I love Christmas. I'm bummed it's over.
We went to Justin's parents in the morning hours and mine in the afternoon.
Oh, and get this,
Our car, (our "good", "new" (okay, really a 97) car that we just paid it off 2 weeks ago) broke down on the freeway on-ramp Christmas morning. Dead serious. Like broke down, broke down, like, need a new transmission broke down. It was like we were in one of those movies. We were towed back to our house (BIG thanks to Justin's dad for doing the tow, ooh but i HATE being towed, it scare's the --- out of me) and we loaded up in the 93 Nissan who's "check engine" light had just come on 2 days before, and just a side note, part of the muffler is missing it sounds like your a race car though you accelerate at turtle pace. I know some people pay to have that kind of thing done, but really, you can barely hear someone shouting when that car is on. We know how to pick em. It was awesome. Honestly, at least the heater worked. Anyway, it was all soon forgotten with tons of food, family, and presents; in that order. :) We are SO blessed and spoiled.
We love Christmas and have the pictures to prove it!
To view in Chronological Order, start at the bottom and move to the top...I hate that the pictures load backwards, i cant think that way.

This was from my mom, Jax thinks it's super rad.

This is a pict of Mairee, my cutie little niece with her mama wearing the darling outfit we gave her. yessss.

Jax with one of the puppets he got from my sister Tash, he really thought these were funny.

Op, now who are these to engaged people?? Way to go Zach!

This is my cutie nephew Max who was DEAD SERIOUS about his new gun. :)

These are the blocks Justin's mom (Debbie) got for jax, he really seemed to think these were quite the coolness. Totally loved them.

Justin's grandma reading Jax a book Debbie got him, he loved the babies in the book. Loved the book in general. :)

This is funny, look at these picts of Jax with his cutie little cousins on the Gause side, i was laughing while taking these pictures. They are all so cute!
I know these pictures are too small, i don't want to reload because this post has taken me WAY to long. grrr. Just scoot closer to the computer.

Us in the morning at the Gause's. Yes i know we look a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

This is Jax's present from us! Well his sweet Aunt Brooke thought of it too, so he really got one from them and one from us. I'm not going to say which one we're taking back. :)

Ya, he thought it was pretty cool.

Jaxton's true favorite part of Christmas...The wrapping!!

Look, he's so dazed by it all, so overwhelmed. :)
He LOVED this box.

Yes, here he is praying for even more wrapping paper. He just can't get enough. :)

This is Jax opening his very first present from Grandma Wing. :)

Yay for Christmas!
I think i can speak for Jax, me, and Justin when i say that except for the 45 minute scream attack because of a nap un-taken, Christmas was the bomb!! :) We LOVE being with our Families! What a fun Holiday.

PS. Talked to Elder Judkins for about and Hour and a Half.
Oh we just LOVE that kid!!

Another PS. Below is the coolness Justin and I got, among other things, guess who got what... :)

Pretty cool. Pretty DARN cool.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pictures of Jax at his Sleepover. :)

Justin and I went to Park City for our anniversary(Weekend of Nov. 17th--3 years baby!). My WONDERFUL parents watched Jax for us overnight for 2 nights. My dad shot these great picts of Jax with my mom in bed in the morning...yes, he did end up sleeping in bed with my mom. What a push over. ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

been a while, here's some picts...

K, really, i just love that face. Yummy green pepper.

He's got two teeth on the bottom and LOVES gnawing on things, specially things with flavor. He's a really good eater usually and loves to fill up. Seems to be partial to sweets, but i think that's normal. :)

Jax with him dad. This was the sunday we dressed him up in the most darling hand me down--completely knit, and also completely gay. :) No that's Justin talking, It was honestly the cuttest thing you've ever seen. The only sad part is that we didn't get a picture of the "hat" that goes with it. "Hat" because it looks WAY more like a white kippah than an actual hat, barely stays on the top of his head--might have a little to do with the kids huge head, but really, that hat wouldn't have fit anyone. It was all BEYOND cute, ask anyone in our ward. I'll try and dress him in it next week and get some complete outfit picts. you'll just die. honestly. other sad part is that the shorts are wear left, I'll get better picts.

At my mom's triatholon (go mom!) My dad took this good one.
I just love my baby!

Friday, November 6, 2009

here's more...

Jax now weighs 18 lbs 7 oz. and is still in the 75% for head size. Go Bud!!

In the bouncer--he ALMOST has it figured out. I had to go and complicate things by putting slippy pj's on him--no good for traction. He didn't really seem to mind too bad.

He gets so excited. :)

The next three pictures are what happens when you put him on his stomach for more than 30 seconds...

Ya, he's NOT a fan.

FOLKS! I've loaded my first video!!!
It really worked, and this is a cute one. My baby laughing his little cute guts out. :)
Please enjoy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


All i have to say is: I made this, and no, it's not to tight. Jaxton fills it out perfect! :)

I love his cute chubby/wideness!!!

Oooh, now who could this hottie be??

Wolverine and superman, my life is complete.

Is it too cute or is it TOO cute??

Oh my cute face.

This is Justin with his bro Jason, what are the odds they would BOTH be wolverine and not tell each other and then show up and have these awesome pictures. We are a lucky people. :)

Yes, that is one BIG cucumber!!

Jax with his Grama Gause.

with Grampa Gause

My cutie little superman nephew, otherwise known as Ethan.

And this is Fancy Nancy/my niece Katelyn. Fancy Nancy is all the rage in children literature I'm told. I can DEFINITELY see why. little sweet thing. :)

And this is just too cute, as if i didn't feel guilty enough for not dressing up, my cute sister in law comes as none other than Cinderella. oh, the jealousy.