Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some portraits

These are some portraits my dad took back in the beginning of July; i'm totally on top of things...I cant tell you how convienent it is to have a dad that likes to take pictures with a nice camera, and actually does a good job. Oh gracias!
We had to give Jax candy every 30 seconds or so, you might be able to see some in some of these; so if your wondering, yes, he has candy in his mouth.  It was REALLY hard to get him to sit still. Almost impossible, we are lucky we got what we did.
 Side note: I'm going to try to upload some video's of him..they are pretty funny. But, knowing me you might not see them for a couple of months. ;)
ps. Jax is 16 months old, when he went in for his appointment at 15 months he was 70% for weight, 80% for height, and over 100% for head size. :) Just wanted to document. I think he weighed 27lbs.
another ps. I put windsheild wipers on my car today all by myself. Bought the right size and everything. Go me.
pps. After confrence this week i'm putting jax in nursrey on sunday, even though he's not 18 months. I had like 3 people at church come and tell me it was okay last sunday. Could their comments have had something to do with his behavior? With his behavior every week? Who cares. Done. Tender mercies. Justin almost cried with joy. ;)