Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lot's of March

Here are some pictures off my phone that represent some of March for the Gause's. :)
Rodrik will eat sometimes. It's random and inconsistant and abnormal, but sometimes he eats A LOT. And he will do just about anything in sunglasses.
 Gabe is engaged!! 
And I love a good wedding. AND this is Jerica's AMAZING vintage ring from her grandma...SERIOUSLY!!?? Side note: Jerica has a ring size of 4. Petite is an understatement. :) We LOVE them and are SOOOOO excited for their June wedding!! :)
 I just love how cool Rod thought he was with this mask on. All the kids were playing "dress-up" at the Rogers during this time. It's something my kids would never do on their own, so glad the cousins can help them have an imagination.  If anyone needs more imagination they just need to hang out with Max and Mai!!...and invite Jax and Rod, cause they'd love it...!! :)
 Jax and Rod are more naturally inclined to sit and watch Monster Truck documentaries and past Monster Truck World Finals on Net Flix or YouTube. :) All. The. Time.  It IS their MOST favorite thing right now. They love to watch them on my mom's laptop (pictured below) or broadcast to the TV.
 Oh my goodness, the other SO Exciting thing of March! Eli Scott Judkins!! We LOVE that little man--Booh-hoo that he lives in SLC all day... :( 
When we DO get to see him we literally EAT HIM UP. But let's be honest--who wouldn't???
Jax and Mai happiness pictured below -again, something that Jax wouldn't ever do on his own--and really can't even do with Mai's help :) --the "Apple Smile". :) I don't really know that anyone could do it like little Mai doll--seriously!
 Mai has this mothering nature that comes out all the time. It works out well for her and Jax's relationship because she will humor him if he does anything remotely clever or agile. She will clap and smile and be so proud of him. He loves it. It's really cute. And say things like "Oh, Jax, you do SO good! So good Jax!". Ya, it's SUPER cute :) And as mentioned before she helps him play "pretend" which he also enjoys. She LOVES to mother him. You can see in the above picture that she is literally holding his hand and pointing his finger for him to "help" him play the iPad--as if he doesn't know how to play with any and all technology waaay to well for his own good. Anyway, I loved the moment.

These next series of pictures I just love because it was so funny to be there. These kids were dead serious about these sunglasses. They LOVE sunglasses and I was finally able to find some in their size. They wore them for quite a while.
Ya, they ARE pretty cool...:)

 My mom had a birthday!! We LOVE her SO!! :)
I made her this cake. It was yummy. Chocolate Cherry Something or had the cherry stuff in the inside with the whipped cream and such. Happy Birthday MOM! 
 Oh, did I mention we love Eli??
 And these of Rod are just super cute but do NOT do justice to the actual-ness of being there. 
Zach and Carter were "Sparring" and my kids thought it was pretty dang cool. (Zach is a Ju-jitsu (sp?) master and Carter and Gabe and Isaac are all insane and had a fight club for long and made people bleed and broke noses and K-O'd people and liked it!) Anyway, my kids wanted in on that pretty quick. (wonderful [eye roll]) Rod really got into it--I have some CUTE video of him just punching away.
 He seems to really like "contact" sports. :)
And then, to end, are these the cutest or what??! I know they are so you don't really have to tell me. :) 

 As a side note, in case I want to remember:

 Jax and Rod love to run. Especially Rod right now. It is beyond cute; you can just tell he thinks he is incredibly fast and he always starts off by saying "Watch dis!" and sometimes "Set! Go!" He only pumps/swings one arm when he runs, I really hope he grows out of that..but SO cute right now. And he is actually super fast for such a tank of a child with one arm. Just don't get in his way--he is a plow to anyone under 30lbs. :)

Rod just walked up our stairs without any assistance carrying 2 balls. He is not even 2! SUCH a strong kid. He is kind of a stud...:)

Jax just wants to play everyone's phones or iPad ALL THE TIME. Anyone that is ever with my kids knows this. That and monster truck shows are his addiction. And it is QUITE severe. It kind of makes me super crazy. But good things CAN come of it:
 Like when I have to take him to Track Practice with me. The below picture shows what he does the whole time. He is in no one's way and he doesn't run away and I always know where he is. The jacket over his head is so that the light from the device he is playing is quality light...very important...:) It's a riot.
In his defense, he LOVES to play outside and LOVES be with other kids--it just can't happen very often (remember the FREEZING winter??) and he doesn't have very many kids, let alone boys, his age that live close. Like none. 99% of the time will choose to go play with friends outside on the tramp, if he has the choice--which is the trick. He has 1 girl friend across the street, she is 5 and he plays with her sometimes and loves it. I think the summer will be so much better for his techno addiction. We live close to a park and if there are kids there, he will play with them--his "friends". :)

Love my cute kids!