Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some picts from last week...

Jax is getting super big, he is just 11 weeks today. You can't really tell from this picture but honestly, everyone that see's him comments on how big he is. The fact that he's almost completely outgrown his 3 month clothes is another factor, more outgrown tall ways than wide ways. I mean, he's no Michilin Man but really, he's pretty big.

This shot is condusive for seeing Jaxton's hair... I think he actually has a lot of hair in my family's hair standards. He makes this face a lot, or maybe it's more of a lack of face making than making a face. :) fyi, i cant figure out if that's a shadow on his head or if his head is bumpy...I'm thinking its a shadow cause his head is really pretty round last i checked...cross your fingers. :)

I love this face. I promise he started smiling right when i put the camera away.

An almost smile...

This is Jax talking. It's so funny. It's SO funny and his new thing. If i knew how to load a video i would because it is SO CUTE! He has a really sweet sounding voice that really contradicts his screams.:) We just sit and have conversations with him and he'll talk and talk and talk, and of course, i understand all of it. :)

He truly is a lot happier than this in the bath, for some reason, lately he suddenly stops smiling when he see's a camera. I tried to comb what hair he has (not a lot) into a little mo-hawk on the top of his head, so if your wondering why his head has a shaded line down it, that's why. :)

You can see his "mo-hawk" a little better in this one.

I love this kid!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mr. Athletic

Jaxton can sit and hold his head up now with very little help, which is saying something with the size of that head. :)

As always, his tongue is out and his mouth open. :)

Check out my dude standin!

I love this outfit, it used to be one of my Aunt Lisa's boys.

mom n' me

Don't you just wanna smoosh his cheeks!? :)
He does that funny face alot, it's like he has this need to have his mouth open at all times, i love it. :)

hey cute!


My babe is getting a little bit chubby and soft. He likes to be snuggled so being a little bit soft makes it really fun to snuggle him. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

size matters... jk :)

For the record, i took Jaxton to his 2 month check - up last week, and he was 12lbs 7oz and 23 1/2 inches tall. He (the doctor) said that is 50-75% for both weight and height. He is 75-90% for head size...and yes, that does mean he has a big brain, super smart. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pretty face


Jaxton slept for 9 1/2 hours last night. I want that on record.

We're Blonde!

As shown in this fetching picture, we are now blondes. Justin's is almost grown out though believe it or not. Jaxton loves us.

Jaxtons Blessing

Yes, my mother made this.

This is the darn cute outfit my mom made for Jaxton to be blessed in (he was blessed July 5th). And yes, he was blessed in it, and looked absolutly darling, and no, sadly I'm slightly retarded and didn't really get any photographic proof...except the below pict where Jaxton is half cut off. Great. Maybe my dad has some we can get. Otherwise, we'll just put him back in it on sunday and snap some photos. :)

Yes, i still need to loose about 20lbs...:(

Friday, July 10, 2009

Nothing better.

Try to beat this picture. :)

The Fourth of July

Why is this underlined? Annoying! Anyway, this is Jax all ready for his 1st Independence Day! We got up early and went to the balloons (starts at 6:30am) and then hit up the parade. I might add we did it all on our BIKES! Which is really the only, only, way to travel in Provo on the fourth. (Picture to follow of how we carted the little guy around--via back-pack!) AND Jaxton was SO SO good. Basically slept the entier time, i was so lucky/glad.

My mom made him a little American flag "doorag" thingy for his head...but she forgot it because of the hectic morning. So do your best to imagine was DARN cute.

And this is how we biked and walked around with our little man during the parade and balloons and the carnival afterward. Please ignore my chunky arm and focus your attention on my cute baby's dangling arms and feet. He looked so silly with that huge hat on. :)

Look at my cute mom and sisters, they are wearing the matching shorts my mom made... how cute! :) Jax's "doorag" was out of the same material. :) Just imagine it, if you can. :)

This is the closest thing to a family picture we have--this was taken and my Aunt's amazing fourth of July party.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Aunty Chanel

Can i just say that i have SUCH a sweet sister. She has helped me out with Jaxton quite a bit. My mom will just come drop her off and the poor girl is doomed to hang out/watch Jax with me all day. Super fun for a 12 year old i know. But she is such an angel and acts like she likes it and like NOTHING ever bothers her. She has held the little angle child in the 2nd pict many a time when he has been screaming bloody murder like he was about to die. What a good aunt. Love her.

Silly Guy

Jax is to the point where you can actually get him to smile pretty easily...if he's in the mood. He does the cheesiest smiles, it's pretty cute. Note his dimple on the left side of his it. The middle pict is my favorite--He's pretty nimble with that tongue. :) Honeslty though, it's WAY better in person.

I love this face

He loves me... :)

See, sometimes he really does... :)