Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jaxton's #2 Birthday

Jaxton's birthday was on Saturday the 14th. It was a TON of fun! The weather held out JUST long enough for us to finish our party up. We had the party at an awesome park by our house and the kids would probably have loved the party if playing at that park was all we did the entire time...:)
 Jaxton's cousins all came, Max, Mairee, Ethan, Katelyn and Lincoln...Lincoln is only like 6wks old... He LOVED it. :)


 Grandpa Gause did the hot dog cookin' while Justin supervised. :)

 Here is more of the crew that came to wish Jax a happy one...

 My dad made that cool board that is propped up behind the kids; it's for "bean bag toss". But once the kids figured out they got bubbles for making it in the circles they all aborted bean bag toss and just did boring bubbles for like 20 minutes. Kids are CRAZY. :)

 I tried to get a picture of the "big kids" playing some fun games on the lawn (Arianne, Gabe, Steve, Jason and Justin)... you can't even see who they are. But they were there and they loved it...or so i told myself. :)
 Look at cute Tasha with the kiddies who are still obsessing over bubbles! Tash is having her baby on Friday!!
(ps. I'm "due" this saturday--5 days. I went to my appointment yesturday and the doctor "checked" me; he actually laughed. I said "What does that mean?" and he said "Well, if there was something to tell, I would tell!" and I was llike, "What does THAT mean?" and he said "This baby's is NOT comin' this week!" Did I really expect different? No. Not for one second. But for some reason it just didn't feel good.)

 Oh cute!! They found a use for the bean bag game board! :)

            Here is us, thanks for snappin the pict mom! :)
 And you will never realize how cute this "duck, duck, goose!" game was. It was SO fun to watch. One kid was "it" and did the "duck, duck, duck" thing and when they "goose!" someone, ALL the kids get up and run around the circle after each other giggling and laughing. Then they all sit down and start again.
There they go! SO cute!! 
I made Jax a Cars cake. It was huge and delicious.
The car was made using a frozen buttercream transfer method that is supper easy. The cake had 3 layers (chocolate, vanilla, chocolate) with pored evaporated milk+sweetened condensed milk over each layer and had strawberries and whipping cream inbetween the layers as well.
Jax LOVES strawberries and LOVED his cake. Made his mom feel good.
 Sadly it was too windy for us to light any candles, so they came off.
 Jax LOVED everyone singing to him.
Presents came next and everyone had fun helping Jax. He's not a super fast present opener, and it was getting windy and cold and my mom had to go to work. :) So the help was GOOD.

SO many FUN presents--what THOUGHTFUL family he has!! Jax loved EVERYTHING!  The squirt guns were a big hit for all.

We got Jax the Radio Flyer Slider Rider. It's got rollerblade wheels in the back that slide around when you turn or break. Really funny to watch. I think my nephew Ethan did a 360, unintentionally--it was a riot. Super cool. :) 

Jax got a Cars helmet from his Grandma Gause--which he couldn't keep on his head for more than 5 sec. but it came with this bell that we can mount on his bike--he LOVED that bell.

It Jax couldn't quite figure it out at the park, he's tried it once for like 2 minutes since then and got a little better. It will take a little practice but i can see him just speedin' around in that thing doing all sorts of slidin'. :)

It was so nice of our families to come play with us!! Thanks for helping us make it such a fun day for Jax!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jax- 2yrs old in a week!

These pictures show what Jax spends a lot of time playing: Cars on our entertainment table. He loves playing cars. Sometimes he plays with the big ones shown here, sometimes its those small metal ones, and sometimes it's both. It is SO cute to hear his made-up sound effects and the way that he has the cars drive and line up and fly. I love it.

Under normal circumstances he would have cloths on. But this cloth-less bum was just to cute for a mother to pass up though.

Jax had his 2yr old check-up. Jax HATES the doctors, more than any other child I have ever seen. So it is ALWAYS a HUGE battle and involves TONS of sugar and tears and sad, trembling babies--or just sad, trembling Jax. It's all because of the stupid flu study that we did, they had to draw his blood twice (HORRIBLE---drawing blood from a baby is terrible!) and gave him 3 shots--on top of his immunizations (I think he had 4). These were different appointments so every time we've gone to the doctor its been a SAD day. This was no exception. It also doesn't help that 80% of the time the doctor has to un-stick his badly done circumcision (and that is a BIG youch). This time however the doctor was un-sucsessful (double youch) as a result of that and some other things we had to make an appointment to see the urologists at Primary Children's. So basically, if I were Jax, I would HATE the doctor too. Poor kid always looks so pleadingly at me; I DO hate those doctors too. :(

 These are his stats:
30lbs = 78th % for Weight
36.5in = 96th % for Height (He grew 3 1/2 inches in 5 months! He is getting so tall!)
20in = 93rd % for Head Size (He used to be over 100%, so he is growing into that head a little bit!)
It's always fun for me to see how much he's grown; it's really amazing.

 I'm not going to spend very much time on this subject--it deserves none of my crazy ranting. But these are cute pictures and remember how I tried to potty train Jax a week ago? I remember. I'm trying to forget...I was SO prepared, 3 pages of notes from the method I was trying to do, a dolly that pee'd, candy, soda, charts...I'll just say, he had NO idea what the heck I was trying to do. I think he might have thought I had lost my mind.

He looked SO cute in his Cars undies though...Too bad he's not going to wear them until he's 5. ;)

And, my dad has pneumonia (he's on antibiotics), Jax has bronchitis (on antibiotics), and I think that I have something now...gross. Coughing fits, coughing in general, when 9 months pregnant, is not a good idea for a number of reasons... 

2 weeks till baby comes!(-ish) Jax is suddenly as of the last 2 weeks, started to be SO sweet to me. If you know Jax you know that "sweet" isn't usually the first descriptive word that comes to mind...but, It is SO cute, and I love it. I think it's because he knows something is coming, something big that's why he's doing it...The poor kid is going to really have a shock.