Friday, January 8, 2016


Here is some of December. I think I skipped November...?? Anyway. I like this picture of Rod "reading" to his friend Avery. Rod LOVES to read. He is so good at memorizing stories, this makes him very good at pretend reading. Also, he loves to talk. :)
 Jaxton played basketball in November, it ended the beginning of December. He LOVED it soooo much. He was on a team with his friends and was so excited to play. I have video of him just bouncing and jumping while they all warm up with this HUGE grin on his face. He was like that almost the whole time he played. Just so happy to be there and to be playing with friends. As expected, he wasn't very aggressive. But he did get noticeably better throughout the season. Scoring a point here and a point there, until finally in the last game he scored 4 points (well, 4 baskets--so 8 pts!) It was very exciting, and fun to watch. He will definitely be playing a lot more basketball in future. Very positive experience. 
He had the best little team, I don't think they lost a game. His coach got them all these huge donuts after the last game. You can imagine the reaction. Super fun!
We went to Temple Square for the fist time in a really long time with our favorite neighbors. It was SO much more fun then I thought it would be--and it was even raining!! They have a place you can get hot chocolate for $2 and that was super great.
We got warm in the Joseph Smith building with our Cocoa and chatted and had a great time. That was a good memory.
  The kids had dentist appointments and since Cal has 12 teeth, I decided to take him. Also, I really wanted them to clean his front teeth...and he is SO cute!! And he's got cute brothers!! No cavities for anyone!
 Rodrik had a Santa come to his preschool. Rod is so cute!
 Justin left a couple times at the end of the year for a few days for work trips. The last one was to Las Vegas for the Bowl Game (not quite work "work trip" you were thinking...) Me and the kids went to Cubbys and sent him this picture. Going out to eat with kids is super fun...
 Justin had a birthday! We went skiing and then to Carabbas, and then Yogurt Land with Clarissa and Zach! So that was all really fun! He went on the afore mention Vegas trip the next day until Sunday, when we partied at my moms with the family! It was a really good time! And good food! He wanted breakfast for dinner, and leige waffles for dessert!!
 Kids being silly with the tree.
Calvin had this massive beautiful curl on the top of his head when he woke up; you can barely see it-- it was perfect. I loved it.
 Justin sent me this picture of the kids one night while I was out--I really like it.
 Oh, and then there was Christmas Eve! My dad made the kids marshmallow cross-bows, they stole the show majorly. The kids love them! And look at their cute pajamas!! Such yummy food (so good!!) and so many cute nativity re-enactments (my mom insists each girl gets to be Mary--so 2 re-enactments!) So nice to hang out with family.
 Girl shot in our matching PJ's! Love my sistas! Sadly, 2 are missing!! Waaa!! :(
 This is the best shot we got of all of us Christmas morning. Love my little family. I've got to do things different for Christmas time next year. Next year will be a better year.
 Can anyone handle this cheezer??? Note the flapping hands. He LOVES sunglasses, I got him some that are bendable and aren't supposed to break. They break... But look at that face! I love it!!
Isaac came down from Logan, always fun to see him. He is always trying to get Cal to snuggle. It's not always easy, but he gives it a good shot. :)
 We spent the rest of the day at Debbie and Preston's house. It was so enjoyable. They had sooo much good food. I was rolling out of there!! Also, aren't these kids cute!! Notice that Rod is jumping in the pictures, can you tell he loves the pogo stick Brooke got him!

 Linc gets his own pic--he wasn't feeling the group picture. :)
 We got Calvin some church clothes that aren't from Savers. He looks so cute.  He is just something else. He might grow out of them SUPER fast....
My mom SO kindly took all her grandkids to the Dinosaur Museum during the Christmas break when Tasha and I were about to pull our hair out. It was actually the Museum of Natural Curiosity that we were going to go to originally, but it's a long story involving lots o' lines and my mom being tricked into buying another pass and all of Utah having our same plan!! But it turned out to be such a good time. And killed 4 hours of Christmas Break. Yay! And the kids are SO cute!
I love these pictures of the kids--their personalities shine through!
  Cal is really, something else. He has this goofy personality and is just killing me all the time. So opinionated, and goofy, and naughty. 
I took him to his 15 month appointment and found out that he is HUGE! Bizarrely, like his brothers, this kid is NOT a good eater--and he is so big?!! Also--these stats are after he had a 10 Day flu were he ate nothing and barfed (lots of barf) at least once a day! Anyway, here are his stats (I always find this fascinating): 26lbs, which is 85%.  33.75inches tall which is  98%. And 19.18inch head which is 91%! He is my biggest boy so far!

  He is very into throwing balls (or throwing anything) and hitting things (or people.) I got moved to nursery so I get to take him early. It will be interesting to see him interact with the other kids. He is still really into "D" (Dat, Dad, Daddy, Dahth) words, but has expanded his vocabulary to sounds that sound like or similar to, what he wants to say. I even thing he has said "mmmummm" (mom??!) before! It's very cute. He just wants to be outside ALL THE TIME. LOVES to be with other little kids. LOVES to wrestle and be played with. LOVES his brothers. He is super silly and funny a fun. I love to play with him. He gives great (very open) mouth kisses. I really enjoy those. :) He constantly looks like a wild child because his hair is this orang-y color and always disheveled and half curled with a high hair-line and huge teeth. I can't bring myself to cut his hair, though I know it would really help him look more groomed. I wonder when I will be able to cut it. No time in the near future...! He's my wild man!
And he has the cutest, biggest, toothiest, smile in the world. Love him so much.