Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rod is 3 Months Old

Rodrik is 3 months old today!
and I am sooooo in love.
 But it has seemed like quite a long 3 months. Like really long. Which is weird but there's been a lot going on since he's been born. TONS. Plus for me, newborns have this tendency to slow down time...
  We are so lucky to have him though.  He has his very own personality and it's pretty funny.
about Rod at 3 months:
***He is extremely solemn. Like rarely smiles without encouragement. And even then your lucky to get much.
***He's never laughed and has a fairly perturbed look on his face most of the time. Who knew perturbed could look SO dang cute. :)
***He burps like an adult, but way more often than an adult.
***One of Rod's most favorite things is to be in this little sling that goes accross my body. It's a tight squeeze, but he loves it. (pict below) He falls asleep almost every time.
***He's definitely a mans man. He's never been mistaken for a girl. I don't think he ever will.
***He has a clogged duct in his left eye.  Huge pain in the bum. It goops all over the place. And it just looks gross. Which is unfair cause he's cute! Poor kid. I just love him.
***He is a big kid. Bulky but with very long skinny arms, and his legs are long too, just not quite as skinny. He's got huge hands and feet. He just seems wide.
 ***He LOVES sucking on his hands.
***He is kind of a snuggler--not like a HUGE snuggler, but kind of. That has been really fun.
***He is sleeping really well at night. From like 10pm to 7am. My next step is to try to get him to go to sleep earlier.
***He will let me kiss and kiss him and just sit there and be his solemn self. I love doing that.  It's so funny, it's like he is indifferent to it.

 ooop!! look at that almost smile!! That's about as close as it gets on camera, his big smiles are way to fleeting to catch.

Beautiful boy. 

Congratulations! you have now seen the many faces of Rodrik!
He is my doll baby!

So my cute sister got married...

Arianne got married!
And these are the ONLY pictures I took! Oh, the guilt!
My mom made us all matching skirts the boys had matching ties--Rod had a bow-tie!! Everyone looked SO good--and I didn't get any pictures!! When will I ever learn...

Waiting for Arianne and Carter.


And the rest are some cute shots of the happy couple. And that's all I got folks.


Just LOVE EM'!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Haight Family Reunion

We had tons o' fun at the Haight Family Reunion at the beginning of August.
We love that clan! I didn't take tons of pictures, but here are some for the record.

This is the darling craft Aunt Stacy was in charge of; Jax loved his airplane!

Here are the cute kiddies workin' on their stuff!

Rod got hooked up with Grandpa Haight; they seemed to like each other. It must be their similar interests in eating and sleeping, :)

The "campsite" we (well, everyone but us, we don't "do that" anymore--hotels for us!) stayed at was SO cool. Great for a family reunion. It was just this HUGE grassy area that had bathrooms, showers, pavilion with tables, grills, amphitheater, and fire pit.
It was perfect for us!

Here are the people without babies playing games in the field. For some reason people with babies don't do anything except take care of babies and wish they got more sleep.

  Look how huge the field is! And you can see the tents parked all around the outskirts.

I believe my cute Jax is eating a strawberry. He ate like 30 strawberries.

Uncle Gord is the bomb. This guy was always lookin to hold a baby, and he was in just the right place for that very opportunity--babies galore.

We were camped right next to Hyrum reservoir. But i'm a BIG whimpy sour pous when it comes to "too much nature" (ie: bugs, dirt, dirty water, floaty things in dirty water, fish, sand, sand/dirt sticking to wet bodies, sand/dirt and said wet bodies getting in the car/car seats, dirty wet bodies needing immediate shower upon return--cause its gross; etc..,). So I was SO glad that after my measly go at the reservoir my brilliant Aunt Lisa brought this ooberly fun little pool to the campsite and all my problems were solved! And best of all, my Jax had the time of his life with that pool and Mairee, and 2 cups-- way funner than the reservoir. 

And this is my handsome eternal companion turning himself into a lobster. Apparently he does not need sunscreen because he doesn't burn. hmmm. We are still dealing with the aftermath of this sunburn.

So much fun in so many ways. A BIG ol "THANKS!" to Grandma and Grandpa Haight for organizing everything. We love you!