Monday, May 28, 2012

A Day Out with Thomas

 This, my friends, is the real live Thomas the Train...;)He's a pretty big deal.

Jax LOVED it. Thomas stuff EVERYWHERE. Between you and me, it was honestly quite ghetto--at $16 for anyone over 2yrs old, you'd think they would be able to splerg a little...Jax couldn't have cared less. He thought it was the BOMB. :)
 They have people there making little balloon things for the kids. Jax got a sword first. Then after he and Rod popped it, he got a snake. .
 This is the boys "loving" each other before we took off on the 15 minute train ride at 5 mph

 It was a VERY old train, so the windows opened. SO COOL. Rod was like a dog, loving his face out the window. He just couldn't get out far enough. :)

 The train ride was very fun. Afterward they had some little activity's for the kids.
Below: Desiel 10 Tatoo
Yup, that tooth is WAY gone. We'll see it again when he's 7yrs old...hopefully he can keep most of the others in his mouth until then...
 Mini Golf.
 Check out Jaxton's awsome form. The kid was a pro! :)
Dang, missed!

At the Mini Golf, a families ball got knocked behind the little white fence. I'm tall, I thought I could just reach over the top of the fence and grab it. Um, the fence isn't secured, to anything. It weighs zero lbs. I weigh WAY more than that. So after I mistakenly rested a little of my body weight on it (leaning over to grab the ball) I toppled head first over that white picket fence--TOTALLY KNOCKING IT OVER. All the way over. My behind was in the air sprawled on the fence. A man had to help me up, Because it really WAS hard to get up, I was face down on top of a fence. help. It was so bad. The poor women was trying SO hard not to laugh; like half coughing/throat clearing half hysterics. Silly me.

They let the kids go crazy in this tent with all these used falling apart Thomas toys. They LOVED it.

 These bubbles they had just laying around might have been his favorite part--we did that for about 25 minutes, and we kind of had to drag him away. He loved it.
 Justin was a good sport and got off work to go with us. loves.

Justin got Jax a Thomas the Train whistle. It's really pretty cool. Jax seems to really like it as well. He had a hard time figuring out how to blow it at first. He would just make a train sound with his lips pressed against the whistle. But once he figured it out, he couldn't stop. Look how hard he's trying.
Ahhhh, we were there too.
Loved doing something a little special and new with my boys!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rod and Hazel's Birthday Party!

Because Rod and Haz are only 5 days apart we decided to combine their cute little birthday's into one big party. It was a good decision. It was really fun, and those kids are just SO cute and newly 1! (Well, technically Rod isn't 1 until the 25th...but still..)

The princess in all her glory. We tried to get Rod to pose, he wouldn't. :)
Family and Sandwiches! 
For the life of me, I couldn't get everyone in the shot!! :(

Clarissa is always so nice to try and play with a whinny Rod. :)
Then there was cake, and a strawberry shortcake roll, and HOMADE ice cream and popsicles!
Rod liked the Ice cream. This kid is HARD to please.
And the birthday cuties are SO cute!!!

Hazel was really lovin' on Carter!

Aunt Lisa is SOO nice to Rod, and to Jax! Rod LOVES her. Jax... I think I would use a different adjective. ;)

Fun on the Playground!!

He did/does this face A LOT.

Ethan and Jax had SO much fun playing together...It was really cute. Warms a mothers heart. :)
Love the smiles!
And then there was presents!! Those other kids were WAY more excited than Rod. :)