Sunday, February 22, 2015

Family Pictures

Calvin is so big!! He is just my little cuddle bunny. He is STILL just a really huge infant. Way behind my other kids in basically all things, but I LOVE it!! He is just my special little best baby friend, and we love each other. He seriously just lest's me sit and kiss and kiss and smoosh and squeeze and kiss and basically maul him without ever resisting in any way. Its not normal and its basically, THE BEST. He doesn't seem to have any stranger danger yet. And I am still having a very hard time getting him on any kind of schedule. He has always slept GREAT at night and had a really hard time during the day with naps. But now, he is slightly regressing at night and his naps still aren't coming together, so he can get cranky sometimes because of that. But that is probably just my fault for not being able to figure this cute kid out. He is still just such a GOOD baby. Such a doll. Just an absolute gem.  He is my best infant/baby experience of all my kids. I keep finding myself in shock at how much I honestly, truly, enjoy him. He is a special little guy. Very easy going and snugly. He has smiling eyes like his look-alike brother, Jax. In a word, he is very: sweet, BUT he does have a very high pitched squeal/scream. He can be VERY pathetic. I love him so much.
Rod is a stud. He is tall for his age and is very coordinated, but it is not as noticeable as with Jax because Rod is very careful and not quite as confident.
 Also, Rod is very introverted. He LOVES to play by himself with a favorite toy (ie. Dusty Cropphopper.) And will opt to do so, a lot, instead of playing with friends. He doesn't ask me all the time to go and do things, he occupies himself. He can be very satisfied for long periods of time with a favorite thing. He isn't always asking for more and more like Jax has a tendency to do. Rod is a little better at just accepting things. 
Rod is also our talker. He loves to talk to any listening ear. If you are ever bored, just talk to Rod, he will fix it. :)
Rod is also very aggressive (not in a mean way--mostly with sporty boy things) and can get serious and intense about the task at hand. I love his intensity. Rod wants to dominate you and win and be the best. 
 Rod is also very sensitive and seems to have a VERY strong sense of loyalty and what that entails. This can make him hyperventilate and pass out when deeply offended; and fall just short of that when just plain "offended". Jax could never stay as sad, or mad about things like Rod can. Rod can just STAY in that moment inevitably, until you make him feel better, usually with sympathy and loves. Rod has always been a little more lovey than Jax. He cuddles more, it’s very nice. Jax can be very good at cuddling too, but it’s definitely more innate in Rod.
Also, Rodrik LOVES books. So much. It’s new to me because Jax really doesn't as much. 
Rodrik has a great imagination—which is why he can play by himself so well.
Also, fun fact: Rod has chewed beautifully with his mouth closed since he was born. He is quite the dainty little eater (I love watching him eat) and loves "salsamic digger" (balsamic vinegar) with almost everything.
  Rod likes to help me do things but doesn't seem to be as meticulous as Jax, I think his imagination distracts him. I love this little guy.
Jax is also a stud. He is extremely coordinated for his age and is very confident in his own abilities.  He lives IN the moment; instant gratification and such. Everything is about here and now with Jax. He needs something to do or people to be with all the time. He cannot sit still.
 Also, Jax is a teaser. Rod is REALLY easy to tease and can be very dramatic, so that is a fun pairing.
 Jax has a really hard time holding on to money or candy or being really satisfied with any one single thing for a very long time. This can be make him hard to please because, he always wants more.  But, he is VERY good at sharing and a VERY good friend and VERY fun.
 Jax is not very aggressive, or serious, or intense, or even very competitive at all (at least at this age,) just as long as everyone is having fun; he is happy. He is non-confrontational and gets along with, literally, anyone that will play with him. This is a GREAT quality, I've not met anyone this kid doesn't play well with. 
 He also notices very thoughtful things. He will nicely comment on my looks or on how hard someone worked on something. One time he told me I was "perfect", just out of the blue. Things like that melt me, and he does them.
 He is very quick to smile, and smiles with his whole self. 
He also loves technology of any kind. He always is asking to play with iPads, phones, and gaming systems. 
Interestingly he is very good at quality cleaning. If he is going to do something, generally speaking, he is going to do a really thorough, good job. He knows right where things go and makes sure everything is put in its place. He cleans up after Rod constantly. It’s pretty unfair, but it just works out that way because Jax is faster and more reliable, and he wants to be done quickly and wants it done right. So, he ends up doing it most of the time. 
He is my fun loving masterpiece. :)
Despite their obvious differences, or maybe because of them, Jax and Rod get a long pretty well most of the time. They find a LOT of common ground in potty talk, it unites them...but honestly, they really do play well together. I think I might actually label them as best friends. But I don’t know if that’s just from a lack of other 24/7 friends…!;) I hope they stay that way forever.
The boys LOVE Calvin. Jax in particular takes quite a fancy to him and loves to make him laugh. Jax and Rod are VERY interested in Calvin's diapers; the nasty ones in particular. It doesn't matter what they are doing, they will drop everything if they know I'm changing a poopy diaper. Riddle me that. Anyway, I just love these kids. It's such a crazy kind of love. It's almost too much. Especially when they sleep--it's completely consuming.
Justin and I are married...:)
 This is my wonderful family, all together...sob...Anyway, two people are just barely pregnant in this picture, one doesn't even know it yet!! But we know now! Yay for Arianne and Clarissa respectively!! It's very exciting...!
What in the cutest picture ever!! What is it doing on my blog?? Oh, right; just the Judkins grand kids!!...they are kind of a big deal!! ;)

Monday, February 16, 2015

A little of Febuary

Jax was running around the house with all this equipment and I loved every second of it. This kid is an absolute gem.
Jax switched from just gymnastics at Arete (which I prefer--his coach was awesome); to doing Tumbling and Trampolines at Airtime, they are not as strict so I hope he keeps learning things. He seems to like it better though; he LOVES trampolines, and his cousin Ethan is in his same class, and he LOVES Ethan. So that is that. He is excited to try basketball in the fall. He has an AMAZING positive attitude as long as he is doing something with someone. This kid is a GO-er and a DO-er, like nobody I've ever seen!
 My mom sent me these photos while she was babysitting. Calvin loves that walker and Rod LOVES to push him. It is an activity that has to be watched fairly closely to insure no causalities. Especially since it is all Calvin can do to just keep his head up.  
Chanel's cute German friend loves all of our kids, she is so sweet and loves to hold them. This is not the first time she has fallen asleep with Calvin. :)

I don't even know what to say about this picture. Jax looks darling...:)
 Some more of my baby. Look how cute he is sleeping with my mom! Smooched into the crack of her arm.  I am suddenly struck by how large he looks in that picture...geeze. 
I was trying to take a picture of how beautiful Calvin looked outside, but phone camera's have a way of not doing justice. He is still my pretty boy.

Eli was here for a little and my boys LOVE to play with that cute little stinker. This is the only picture Eli would let me take without turning heels and "running" away. Swift arm movement constitutes Eli running. I LOVE that kid.
There are pictures every once in a while that make my heart sing. These two pictures of Rod are in that category. I love them. Particularly the one on the left.  He was just so proud of getting a "gold medal" in tumbling tots. I love him.

Is there ANYTHING wrong with this picture below?? I guess just one thing, James is missing. That's what's wrong. Other than that, it's perfect. :) They aren't watching a movie if that's what you think...Just kidding, they are. So actually, even if James was present, he might not be in the picture on account of his uncanny inability to sit...;) It's a gift. A personal gift for his mom. :)
And can we stand in rapture of Hazel's outfit please...? Cause seriously, I'm dieing.:) I love these kids.
 Can I sing the praises of my baby again and again. I can! Because It's my blog! I love him so much.
Jax gets to play an hour every Saturday on the Wii with his Dad and Rod. Jax LIVES for this hour every Saturday. In case you forgot, Jax is an addict when it comes to technology of any and every kind. He just can't get enough. But Saturdays with Dad is always a good time. And lest you feel sorry for him, don't worry, he gets way more than that hour of other technology...

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January 2015

I don't have access to our hard drive--hopefully it's not fried..! So these are some picture that I had on my phone, some of January's happenings. 
Rod hit his 3 front teeth so hard on Mairee's head that they started turning color and "dieing."  (Someone NEEDS to give my kids a lesson on NOT knocking out their front teeth. I might make Calvin wear a mouth guard...! Also the strength of heads never ceases to amaze me!)
We took him to the dentist so they could do a "root canal" of sorts and try to bleach out the dead tooth, take out the dead red/black stuff and fill it with white stuff. However, I guess teeth are really porous and they were hit SO hard they had already been dyed the dark color, and wouldn't go white.  So the dentist changed plans and put 2 fillings on the outside front of his 2 front teeth. This pushed the procedure to over an hour--Rod started to get restless (rightly so!) So the fillings aren't totally perfect but at least at first glance he doesn't have brown teeth anymore. I didn't post a pic of the finished product...sorry.
Rod was SO good for this whole thing. What a sweet, good boy. We gave him some sleepy medicine the night before and the morning of and then they gave him laughing gas before they did the shots--he didn't even notice them. Most importantly we brought Dusty Fire and Rescue that he watched the entire time. That boy LOVES Dusty! 
 I love my boys!!  Cutest picture ever!!
I take a lot of pictures of Calvin. I am so smitten with this kid. 
Sadly, Calvin got RSV in January. It was AWFUL. I've never had such a small baby be so sick. It really keeps you on your toes. Poor little guy went to the hospital to get sucked out (where they stick a tube through his nose and down his throat) 4 times. Very unpleasant. 
Acutally, I think all my boys had RSV in January, but I didn't realize it until Calvin was diagnosed--I guess it's pretty contagious. The symptoms are not as bad the older you are. I think Jax got it first, gave it to Rod, who gave it to Cal. Another sad tidbit, Cal got sick while Rod was still sick, but I didn't really give Rod tons of attention because he wasn't as needy as Calvin. But I remember the day Calvin started to look like he might be getting better; Rod's eardrum burst. The night before he was complaining about his ear, we gave him Tylenol, the next morning same thing, Then I saw junk coming out of his ear; it was gross, but it didn't hurt anymore! Yay for parenting!
 My amazing, talented mom cut my hair. And my amazing, talented husband dyed it. After we REALLY messed up a bleach job. Brown was plan B. Plan A exploded on my head in a plethora of different shades of orange, grey and yellow. Thank you plan B.
 My DARLING grandparents made these blankets for my boys, they LOVE them, can you tell? They were so happy!!
The boys made me take off their duvets and put on the blankets RIGHT when we got home! They love their new beds! And their Grandma and Grandpa Haight!
This is so Calvin. He can be a molder. Super comfy to hold while he is sleeping! Super comfy to squeeze, he is made of marshmallows.
 Penis shot, sorry! But he is so beautiful I had to include it. He usually has bath's in the bath, but there was a particular blow out that needed some special attention...:)
 Calvin is so much more into eating than my other kids, he can barely support himself in a bumbo but wants to suck the life out of the bacon, or pear, or apple, or pancake, etc... I love how excited he is about food.
I take a LOT of pictures of Calvin... 

 I can't help it!