Tuesday, November 29, 2011

End of November

Thanksgiving happened, and i have no documentation. Of either one--we have 2, usually...(one the Saturday before with the Gause's, and then one on Thanksgiving day at my family's, this year: Grama Haights.)
Both were spectacular. Love the fam.

Now, see how cute Rod is?  He is smiling SOSOSO much more. I love him, he loves me, a lot of mutual love going on. Probably more mutual love if he would sleep through the night.:)

Rod LOVES to go for his toes.
It doesn't get much better than this picture.
Saturday night we went to the Shops at the Riverwoods to see the lights. Beyond impressive. If you haven't gone, go. Weekends are cool because they have live music, Santa (we respectfully declined that visit--Jax is still beyond terrified...), and free carriage rides (we didn't do that either...there was a line, and it was SO cold.) 
Very much worth the 15min drive, Jax LOVED it and we loved it and it was a good night.
Holy-moly, what a cute face!
Props to my mom for giving Justin his awesome arctic wolf man hat. :)
This was funny, i'm so proud i got us all in on the first try--Jax didn't quite get it. Love that blank stare!:)
Here's another cute stare--Rod can't look "blank" if he try's...always looks like he's thinking about something or staring into your soul...
He was such a good baby just sitting in his seat.
Super cool right??
And remember how when Chanel had Wednesday off from school she came and hung with us? So fun, the kind of fun you can only have with Chanel. We went to Provo Beach Resort:

Jax has done this carousal at least 6 or 7 times in the past--but for some reason, (can't imagine why,) Wednesday, he was "scared" and needed to cling to Chanel the entire time...on the handicap bench. :) He loves her.
Aint' she GORGEOUS!
Rod is IN LOVE with those wheat bitter biscuits.
Jax has always really liked to "brush his 'teeff'". His definition of teeth brushing is to suck his toothbrush till the toothpaste is all gone. Then dip the toothbrush in the water and suck the water out and repeat, 1 million times. No brushing necessary here folks. :) 

ps. can you believe this child's hair?? Below is a picture of him just out of the bath--dried naturally, no product, i'm not pullin' your leg. It's nuts. And I LOVE it.
Justin wants to cut Jax's curls because it can be pretty un-rule-y (sp?). But I don't know...I love rubbing his head and feeling his curls...however, Justin has a point, it might get out of control...But I love it.
And it cycles like that through my head.

And i'll just end with this little gem:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Here's whats happenin'

Remember how fun this was one night in our "yard" in late October; Justin and Jax would take turns throwing a tennis ball as high as they could---then they'd watch it fall,fall,fall. And do it again. For like an hour. I had warm heart watching.
Jax taking a turn to throw
Watching one of Dad's throws fall,fall,fall.
Too cute for captions
I'm constantly trying to figure out who this kid looks like...the best I got is Ethan Gause....Gause's, can you vouch?
 One of the million reasons we all ADORE Auntie Chanel, arrow to the below picture. Chanel always has all the nieces and nephews wrapped around her little finger--or it's the other way around...:)
And then I kept asking Jax to smile, he kept doing this eye's closed thing...lil' goob. 

I love them.
 Don't gag or roll your eyes, we put our Christmas Tree up yesterday! That's right, November 13th. I think it's a record for both sides of the family. My kids think the tree rules...and I put up most of it, so they basically think I rule. 
I do it for the kids folks.
Favorite picture of the month so far. 

They love each other.

We are doing good.

A few things:
***Jax is starting to eat better, I've found it's helpful to give him an incentive to eat his food. Usually candy, it doesn't work all the time, but with non-complicated foods it seems to work really well. (ie. eggs, pb sandwich, chips n' cheese, etc.)
***Jax pee's in the potty pretty good, #2 he did in the potty 2 months ago and then never again...I don't think i'm going to really push potty training until he's closer to 3. And i'm okay with that.
***Justin is doing his LAST "Capstone" credit.(1 stinkin' credit and he has to go to school about 7 hours a week!) Anyway, his group is in 1st place, they still have like 4 more rounds, but if they finish in 1st, they don't have to take the final. And he'll basically get an "A". Anyway, he's excited, and because he's done the class before he really knows his stuff--which is why his group is doing so well. Cause he tells em what to do. Cause he's smart. Way to go
***Justin is also really liking his new job. Happy day.
***I'm doing P90x again. It's okay. It didn't make me loose much last time i did it, but i got stronger. And hey, it's a workout, a dang good one. It blows my mind that i don't loose more weight doing it because it is SO challenging and i'm SOSOOOOO sweaty afterward. So i'm just tying to stay healthy and not holding my breath that it will help me loose my "still there" 20lbs.
But kind of holding my breath--cause that would be awesome. I stopped running because I'm not hard core and don't like to run in the cold dark cold.
***Rod is interesting. I REALLY don't get him most of the time/all of the time. But he sure is cute and he melts me.
***Jax has gotten a lot more lovey the last 2 weeks or so, it's like, the best. Rod doesn't really snuggle, and Jax never really snuggled, so i'm getting what was coming to me...:)
***5 year anniversary this Thursday. Congratulations us. And congratulations in advance to the lucky people that we are going to ask to watch our kids...we couldn't be happier for you. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Jax was Thomas--obviously.

However, when I pulled out Rods Superman costume, Jax got really excited and said "I try it mommy, I try it Iorn man."  While attempting to shove his huge appendages into an infant costume.
 He calls all super hero's Iron man, and started calling his Thomas outfit: Iron man Thomas, for about 10 minutes after that to cope with not having a Superman costume. :)

Jax might just think Halloween is the BEST holiday of the year...so far. :) He LOVED it. And as a result, i loved it. 
 He got to trick or treat at the church one night, at his dad's work another, and actual trick-or-treating the night of Halloween. He loved every bit. If I had known he was going to like the trick-or-treating so well, I would have made more time to do it...He was SO excited.
I wonder how long he could have gone...

We let Jax eat too much candy---here is he is, drunk off candy when I asked him to smile. Heha, he was super hyper, and really cute. :) He LOVED his "Jamas" candy and helping her hand out candy to other trick-or-treaters :) Super huge help I'm sure.

Just for laughs and giggles, here is Rod in his superman suit on the right, and Jax, to years ago, on the left in the same suit...brothers??? I'm not so sure...:)
Jax looks like he was inflated with helium.:)


And, can I just say:
Jax say's "fooky Halloween!" whenever he see's any Halloween decorations. It means spooky Halloween. :)
And I LOVE it.

Super fun Halloween. Awesome weird holiday.