Monday, March 27, 2017

So many pictures!! Arianne's last week!

Our last week with Arianne and Carter was so much fun! 
We went to a park on one of the days when it was like 70 degrees and sunny, it was so perfect!! Everyone got along with no tears! The boys all marched around in a parade, Rod was the leader and the other 3 boys did everything he said. His idea of heaven. He felt pretty cool. He LOVES having a following.
Rod's outfit and the way he walked everywhere just killed me. He walked with purpose and didn't mess around in his mini shorts. Leading 2 and 3yr olds is serious business...! :)
I just love all these people! We had a great time. 
Sticks!! The boys all love STICKS!!
Shortly after this, Carter slipped and totally fell in the pond trying to save Louisa who just walked right in! Louisa was then VERY upset that a) Carter "saved" her and b) that she was wet!  Even though she had walked INTO the pond on her own accord. That was super funny, it happened at the end and it was one of the funniest things I'd seen that week. Carter trying desperately to "save" an oblivious Louisa, slipped and fell on his back in the pond. He got her, but then she was so mad that he got her, and that she was WET! Haha!! I wish I had filmed it!!
Arianne and my Mom came to my class, then we went and got Acai Bowls after, it was the best.
Also, remember how I got a new job? It's been a big deal for me taking up much time and much energy. The timing wasn't the best with Arianne in town, but we made it work.
I LOVE Calvin's outfit! He felt so cool, I wish the lighting was better...! This kid...!
I have some really cute pictures of the they are!
Rod got a Branch troll with the money from Grama and Grampa Haight from Christmas. He was so happy.
AND look how cute my Jax is! He is ALWAYS ready for a picture!!
Arianne made us dinner on the Thursday before she left. It was SO SUPER GOOD!! The company AND the food!! :)
Zach and Clarissa came for the weekend and it was just fun on top of fun!! And the weather was amazing.
Look at these cute babies in their undies!! I love them!!
"Strike a pose Jax!!" I love him.
Please note everyones outfits in the next 4 pictures. They are all so cute. Ollie is the caped red masked one.
Rod is wearing velvet pants and a candy cane vest with a black purse. I almost died of gushing cuteness.
Zach had a birthday!! My mom threw the best party ever!! So much good food and delicious dessert!! Too many good things!!
On the day Zach and Clarissa left, and the day before Arianne left, we all went to the pool! I have LOADS of pictures. Everyone had so much fun, as you will see. Calvin probably had the least amount of fun, but he still had loads. He just is very cautious. 
Calvin loved being held in the lazy river. Gabe was so sweet with him!!
Rodrik LOVES the Lazy River best, but it could be trumped by wrestling with Carter in the kid pool!! That was a favorite, as shown below. :)
I love these pictures of Max and Jax because Max started laughing mid smile, and his face changes to hysteria...! :) haha!
How beautiful are these kids??
The Rock Wall was a favorite of anyone over 6. Lots of contests and tests of strength...!
The darn kid pool has crazy buckets dumping constantly and poor James was traumatized, along with 85% of the kids there...! Grr.
So cute! So fun!
All the tough guys taking a break from the Rock Wall...
It was so much fun!! Real good memories made. 
Zach and Clarissa had to leave that night but not before we got some impromptu family photos! Everybody is so darn cute!  There were some really good ones of the kids that I didn't get yet. They are so cute! But so are we...! ;)
Artistic family smiling allowed. I spy Jax!!
Sisters!! Sans Chanel... :(
And this photo of Calvin...I can't even. I just can't...he KILLS me.
Also, check out Isaac and the sweet air he gets on the tramp!! 
And then Arianne and Carter and James and Louisa had to leave...Waaaaa!!! We will SURE miss them!! What a fun two weeks!! Gosh darn-it! We can't wait for them to move closer!!
This picture gives me warm fuzzies.