Friday, January 24, 2014

January 2014

We went to the annual Haight Family Sledding Party and had a blast. Uncle Gord always organizes it, thanks Gord!!:)
 Jax, specifically, had a HUGE blast. He didn't stop sledding the instant we got there till we finally left 2 hours later. And he was tired from all that hill walking. But as I said, he LOVED it. Up and down, up and down. It was really fun to watch his fun and enthusiasm and just his energy...!
  Rod, on the other hand. Stood like this at the top of the hill the ENTIRE time, unless, on 2 different occasions, we forced his body down the hill in a sled. He was just NOT interested. Despite my efforts he WAS interested in sucking the water out of the snow puddles on the pavement. Which I'm pretty sure was the cause of his severe diarrhea for the next 4 days. Gross Rod, gross. 
 Justin, Steve and Todd kept trying to do this game where they race down the hill and the first to the bottom actually ON his sled wins. You are supposed to knock the other people off their sleds on the way down to ensure your victory. It always just ended up like 1 big struggling man hug sledding down. I don't think anyone fell off ever, it was pretty funny to watch though...all the men, one big mass hug sledding down the was really impressive...:)
 This is Rod's food still healing at the beginning of January. 
 Here are all the DARLING little cousins on my side all watching a Tinkerbell movie. In case you can't tell, my manly boys are memorized...They have never seen a Tinkerbell movie before, it was very exciting, and fulfilled their expectations, I'm sure...:)
Jax steals my phone all the time and takes pictures. I'm indulging myself and posting the last round he took. He is getting better and better at funny faces. If you have time you should study them each individually. It's really hilarious. Especially when you consider they were all taken withing a 4 minute period of time. :) 

  We had a Happy Birthday party for my AMAZING grandparents. I love them sooo much!!
I took these pictures of rod's foot yesterday. Still healing... Debbie kindly brought over an aloe-Vera plant to try and reduce scaring, hopefully it helps!!
 Some other random pictures...LOVE my boys!!
The kids play with this train waaay more then I thought they would, it's turned out to be a good toy. That's always nice. :)
 And these boys LOVE to COLOR!! They will color and color and color. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas 2013

I didn't get very good pictures of this day...It's turned into such a exhausting day--fun filled day--but exhausting. We are definitely going to simplify things a little next year...
 Kids loved the flashlights in their stockings and the CANDY.
 Jax and Rod got each other some little presents. Jax is wearing one of Rod's presents to him in the picture below! :)
Rod got this train from Santa 
 And Jax got his DREAM, a remote control monster truck.
 Here they are with both, having a blast on Christmas morning.
  Rod LOVED, and still loves, his "Dusty".
Grampa Judkins made my kids a monster truck free style thing with jumps. It's pretty cool. It see's a lot of action from these monster truck fanatics.:) 
 We went over to Grandma Gause's house after we did our Christmas, only to be showered with gifts yet again. Below are the sleds Aunt Brooke got the boys. They love them and, side note, Jax LOVES to go sledding. Another post for another day. 
 Grandma and Grandpa Gause were VERY generous.  They spoiled me and Justin as well as the kids. Jax loves this art kit. Side note, Jax and Rod have both started to LOVE to color with anything on  anything. I'm not used to having them both sit quietly and just color. Doing one thing for more than 10 minutes. It's great! And their fine motor skills are really coming along. Jax is really so impressive. 
 We then went to my moms to do our gift exchange at her house, MORE presents. Such generous family. It was REALLY fun, but you could tell the kids were a little strung out.
 It was quite the jam packed day of amazing fun. We just love seeing our families at Christmas time. I'm so grateful that both of our families are in Provo, that way we can see both every year--we don't have to chose!:)  We love family!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas Eve was really great. My mom plans a whole evening of fun. :)
We ate at my moms (SUCH yummy food!) and then Uncle Gabe read a Christmas story to the kiddies--at least those that would listen. :) It was very cute to watch.
Then it was time for the annual Nativity.
I Love these pictures of Hazel and Rod, Rod is moving around like crazy and Hazel knows she looks beautiful and refuses to move a muscle. It's darling. 
 These kids slay me!! So much cuteness in one small space!!
 Way to go Mom! She organizes the whole thing. Way to go Gabe--stepping in for Joseph.:)
We have a tradition at my house that mom makes EVERYONE pajamas, and we open them on Christmas Eve. It's a huge job for her to tackle and one that keeps multiplying every year with more and more babies. But that doesn't stop her...cause she's amazing. In a word.
Anyway, here is Rod opening his "Dusty" pajamas; he was so happy. It was hilarious.:)
Cousin love!
Jax got these awesome bad boys. 
All the kids were so over the moon excited about their new PJ's, we couldn't get a good picture without them laughing and shaking and just super hyper!
And we got one with ALL 8 grand kids in their new Jams!
And here is all of us adult children in ours.
It was a very special and nice time. Arianne and Carter are leaving the state for at least 4yrs in July (for a Doctorate Program) and Zach and Clarissa have a very huge possibility of leaving this year as well for at least a year probably two, (hospital residency) And they will BOTH selfishly be taking their babies with them!! :) So this is the last guaranteed year of all of us being together on Christmas Eve and having such a nice time together.
Sniffle. I love these people. :)