Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Some Feb. and Valentines

Jax was saying "I see you mommy, I see you!"
 You can't see through blocks silly Jax!
My mom reminded me that I forgot to document my amazingly smart child; Jax knows all of his letters! He has for quite some time. Not just knows them but he knows them so well that you can just point to them on a page and he will go through and tell you all of the letters in a book. Like a little crazy pro. Lower-case letters give him a little trouble but if it's uppercase he's got it down. And sadly, but amazingly I haven't really "worked with him" on letters and/or any scholastic stuff--not b/c I don't want to, mostly, I just don't really know how, and I don't want to:) It's those darn Leap Frog Products! He knows all his colors too, basically everything or anything that is in any of his books. Ode to books.  Anyway, I'm so proud of him b/c I know he can seem pretty daft sometimes and like he has moderate to heavy ADHD, many a time running around like a maniac, breaking things, pretending to be deaf or many a more nutty destructive tendency, don't be fooled, he is a big smarty.
Jaxton Loves:
Shows (Mighty Machines, Leap Frog movies, Cars the movie)
Monster Trucks
ANY Trucks (Dumpers, Diggers, etc..)
Dirt with or without water
Cars, lots of cars
Family(cousins, aunts/uncles, Gma's and Gpa's)
Jaxton Hates:
Sleeping in any shape or form
Eating. period.
THE DOCTORS (don't even get me started)
Leaving a happy place
Rod playing with his toys
Using the toilet
Being tired/hungry--He becomes COMPLETELY unmanageable. This interferes with the first two on this list...vicious cycle... 

As you can see, he "loves" a lot more than he "hates". He's a really good kid. Not to mention totally gorgeous.

Rod can pull himself up to standing now and is very proud of it. He is growing so large, he has two teeth on the bottom now and loves to explore and hang out with Jax--when Jax is being nice. Which actually happens more than you'd think... I'm hoping and praying they will always be good friends. Then I won't have to have any more children...:)
 Finally caught on camera, Rod's legit excited face. 
He crinkles his nose and breaths in and out of his nose really fast with a huge grin.

The pictures below were actually a sequence of photos in like a 4 second span, I love that they all turned out.

I could die...are you slain by this face??..darn red eye...
What luck! With Justin's recent permanent outplacement with his job we were able to have a "Valentines Day" all day. One of the perks of being laid off is that you don't have to go to work. :)
We had a big ole' "I heart Justin" breakfast with some of Justin's favorites (sausage, hash browns, and pancakes--if I had been on my 'A' game then there would have been eggs). 
Then we each took a child and spent the next long while with them. I went with Jax to the library and got some quality time with my mom, Natasha, and her kids. Justin chilled with Rod and got quality time with his video games. Win win.
Then, to show how much I try and love my husband, look at this picture:
 I bought him a HUGE steak. One of the expensive ones. We tried hard to make it delicious, seasoning and such, almost burned the house down; but in the end... it didn't "meat" his expectations. It tasted like a big hunk of red meat; disgusting to me, edible to him. I have a theory that he really doesn't like meat but doesn't know it yet. I think he likes flavor, period--if his meat is flavored well then he likes it, if it taste like nasty red meat--not so much...Lets all go vegetarian!!!

Other Valentines Day highlights: I woke to a Williams-Sonoma present on the table. I was really excited and rightly so; Justin got me a beautiful serrated knife that actually can cut something! Yay! And it's red, so cute. Also, measuring cups! 5lbs all four together and 1.25lbs individually. Those babies are heavy and have the holding amount etched in the metal (1 cup, 1/2 cup, etc..) Justin helped me in the kitchen the other day and was SO annoyed that a few of my measuring cups had rubbed off the amount they hold...:) Hence the new measuring cups...that will not happen again. :)
Jax took the following 3 pictures, he is so cute.
 Yes, that is my actual hair--it's not a wig and it's not a joke. It just is. And there's nothing I can do about it. 

I made Justin a "gift basket" full of all his favorite treats that he doesn't get very often.
If you were wondering: 
Frito's Hot Bean Dip
Kit Kat
Symphony Bar with Toffee
Smokehouse Almonds
Junior Mints
Car Air Fresheners
Dr. Pepper
Slim Jim Beef Stick
Special note of happiness from his valentine. :)
Look at my beautiful curly boy.
Happy day.