Thursday, July 22, 2010

San Diego.

Loaded this picture after i was done with this whole blog, Blogger is the bane of my exihistance and wont copy and paste so there is no way to really move this pict. Anyway, Mormon Battalion tour in San Deigo. the people you see in this picture are the only ones that braved the tour (others were putting tiered kiddies to nap, or just using the excuse:) I love my Grandma and Grandpa Haight (they were with us for most of the week). after the tour they took us out for some Mexican food, it was pretty yummy!

Anyway, Good job me for finally blogging. Blame my computer. It literally took like 3 hours to load most of these; the rest i finished later; but seriously if my computer was going to go that slow i didn't want to ever blog again. i had so many pictures, and they took a mellinia to load.

To clarify, these pictures are only of Sea World and the beach. We went with my family--it's an i spy game to see who you can pick out. : ) the date was like July 10th through the 17th ish.

Side note: I LOVED beeing with my family 24/7!! It's not weird, my family just rocks. :)

this first pict is out of order--it of sea world, i just thought it was cute.

You'll never get this one--it's justin. boogie boarding his life away, and mine for that matter--i had to stay with jax's crying sand filled poopy diapers and his terrible terrified-ness of everything the beach had to offer. gracias. :)

who do you spy with your little eye?
Answer: my mom, arianne, chanel and steve.

Cute, all in chairs. This is Jaxton's perma face while at the beach. how fun.

Mai was in love with the sea weed. And yes, Natasha has had 2 kids and that is really her bum.

This is my dad--he was really into the surfing for like 2 hours. he looks like a pro. :)

This is basically what i watched Jax and Max do the ENTIRE time.
Those are my attractive knee caps, thank you very much.

I really don't understand why anyone with children under the age of 3 would ever like the beach, specifically the pacific ocean. I have discovered that i mostly just hate it. Excessive sand haunts your life for ever after in the worst possible ways.

reasons why i hate the beach:

*sandy poopy diapers
*trying to get the sandy poop out of "crevasses"
*trying to do this without hurting the terrible sand-rash your baby has suddenly developed
*sitting in the sun for 6 hours sweating--only to have sand cling mercilessly to ANYTHING remotly damp--not to come off until you have a complete shower--even then, I'd be skeptical.
*sea-weed. period.
*the terrible familair crunchieness of everyting eaten that day, sign me up for sand sandwiches.
*adult rashes...
*no nap for tiered baby
*people, people, and more people
*boobs and scantily clad overweight people in your face
*parking 1/2 mile away and carring all the beach equipment and children for that 1/2 mile
*dog poo
*watching your child rub sand into his eyes for the 8th time--knowing there is almost nothing to help clean him b/c everything has sand all over it. Waterbottles are your best friend--then he's wet---then sand is clinging to every inch of him--- then he gets rashes---you get the idea.
*watching your child eat handfuls of sand--yet refusing to eat food.
*the hot sand burning the bottoms of your feet
*getting into a car exhausted and all sanded up, driving home for 45 minutes in that condition
*having to clean your car after
Just to name a few. "the beach" sounds like a blast--i was decieved.

Sea World pictures below:

Just look at how cute they all are!!!

Look again!! Still too cute!!
Sea World had this little place just for little kids--it was really fun for them, and in turn, their moms
Jax really liked these tunnels, it waas really cute

Aww, famely pict without the baby. :)

With the baby

Us with a giant turtle

About to go into a 3d ride

them too

Cute girls!!!!!

This was so cute to me...we were all waiting to watch the "big kids" go down the roller coaster--they waited like this for like 20 minutes.

Too cute.

Here are the big kids!

And this is why i wasn't in the "big kid" group

Jax climbing in that little kid place- i loved it.

so did he....for like 5 minutes

This was HALARIOUS. Jaxton's first "ride". "Popa" Judkins took him--Jax was SOSO excited....

Look at the elation as he anticipated the fun....

Here is a video... sadly it only captures the happy part before the ride starts, then my camera died.--after that things got REALLY bad REALLY fast. Max loved it. Jax HATED it. sad. well if i ever figure out how to load from my iphone i'll load the video of the actual ride. It was a sad, halarious thing.
PS. If you have a mute button you may want to use it---i'm basically skreetching shrilly for the majority of the bad...

Jax's most favorite place at sea world, it was ingenious. Padding everywhere, height limit. go crazy jax!

I loved this place too.

Another tunnel picture, his face is so cute and happy in it.

Playing in the water with max!

Too fun

It doesn't totally look like it, but he was really happy to be playing in the water

Well thats all i had the patience to download. It was a fun-ish week in CA, I really, really liked having perma baby sitters. We were gone over my birthday and my family was very sweet and made a sign and cards and presents and justin made me a cake (very delicious---like oddly delicious, firstly because it was a boxed cake and second becasue he's like never made a cake before, it was SO good, SO good, everyone was raving.) We also went to the San Diego Temple, It was TOTALLY under construction in every sense of the word, but still very cool, always love doing that kind of thing with the family.
Well, I have tons of things to blog about and just not enough time. I've been camping with the gause's and then young womens camp (i'm camp director--quite the experienc) I still wanted to load 4th of July pictures and Jax's portraits, plus just normal cute jax stuff---we'll see if any of it makes it on here. Wish me luck. and my computer.