Monday, July 10, 2017

July 4th!

This post is in reverse order.
The Saturday after the 4th Justin finished the amazing pergola!! It is one of the highlights of the summer to have that thing done!! Having some shade in the backyard is such a gift, Justin is the best. It was SUCH a hot day when he was doing this, and the boards were burning his knees and he was just dripping. But he would NOT take a break. He wanted it the heck done. Luckily he was safe and it all worked, and Justin was just dehydrated the rest of the day...! :)  
Calvin doesn't like me to take his picture sometimes now. So here he is hiding from the camera.
Here Cal is taking a picture of himself, very cute. :)
And we are at the night of the 4th of July! We did sparklers and small fireworks at Natasha's house, the kids had a blast!! Her neighbor had spent like a $grand$ on fireworks so we were able to just sit back and watch their firework show, it was so great!! Best of both worlds!!
The sparklers were all the kids needed, though, seriously! They were a highlight, next year I will just get a bunch of those. It made the kids so happy.
When the fireworks were first going off, it terrified Calvin in a "I just can't get enough" kind of way...He loved it, but it really scared him. :)
Earlier that day we went with my parents and Natasha's family to Cars 3; that was really a fun movie and a really timely, fun thing to do on the 4th in an air-conditioned space.
Before the movie we were hanging out with Grama Wing for a little family lunch at her house. It was extra special because we had ALL Grama Wing's grandkids there at one time! That hasn't happened in like 4 years or more! So we had to get a photo. It is SO hard to get all the darn kids looking and smiling at the same time!! But they are cute pictures none the less.
Here are all the grandkids sans Grama Wing, Eli, and Miles.
Justin looked so cute holding precious Zane.
And here we are at the morning of the 4th! We rode our bikes to the parade, (always the best idea!) And then got our usual spot thanks to Debbie and Grama Wing!! It is always fun to go to the parade and the kids just love it!! I love how festive it is and I love being with family. Also, the bag-pipes are way cool. :)
We love each other! We SO SO SO SO miss our other sisters who are not shown!!
Always fun to get a family picture on the 4th, this family of mine is something special. Special, and a challenge. A special challenge. :)
Cal wore a hat for about 30 seconds... Here is my proof! He was trying to cheezer smile, he is such a goof!! :) (Unintentionally rhyming! woot!)
These pictures of me an Ollie are THE BEST. I love them. I love that kid.
 Something about little kids watching in awe makes me snap my camera. I love all these little kids getting so excited and pointing and staring with googly eyes!
Again, Calvin was supposed to be smiling at the camera but he was giving this expression instead...
 Me and Linc!! Cute!! Linc is loosing his teeth in the front! Pretty soon he is going to look like toothless Rod! :)
Cute Ethan and Roddy. I always feel like they look alike.
Calvin was NOT giving out smiles this day. But Preston did a good job. :)
I thought this was such a good picture, and it is, but I didn't realize Rod had the sun in his eyes! Poor kid. It's still cute! :)
I love these pictures!!
My dad finally came to the parade!! I don't think I've seen him at one for years!!! Granted he only stayed about 20 minutes, but It was long enough to get a pic, and get credit for coming!! :) 
It was fun because we left on our bikes in the morning and then my parents caught up to us halfway down 800 N. So it was fun to ride with them.  Poor Roddy took a pretty nasty spill when he ran right into a garbage can on the way to the parade! It was nice to have a couple extra adults to ride with him.
I have always loved the 4th of July. It's for sure one of my favorite holidays. It's super festive and there is always something to do, I also really appreciate the patriotic reminders. 
Huraay for the 4th of July!!

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  1. Tell Justin we are SUPER IMPRESSED with his pergola. That thing looks amazing!
    Super cute kids (and adults) at the 4th- wish we could be there!