Monday, April 17, 2017

Mid April!

 This post is in backwards chronological order...kind of...
Anyway, on Saturday Provo had a "fair" of sorts at Lakeview park right by us! So we decided to go with the kids and my parents. It was fairly fun, they had a lot of activities and food trucks. The boys waited SO PATIENTLY in line for about 45 minutes so they could play in these bubble suits for 5 minutes. They were a little small for them, but the kids had an okay time.
  The adults were the ones that it was really funny to watch. It was fun to try and get the person stuck upside-down and watch them struggle. It was so funny!!
Calvin was SO excited to play with the balls, but did NOT want to actually get IN the bubbles. 
My dad went around and around in a circle trying to get away from me and my mom trying to flip him...!! :)
They had "goat yoga" which is where you get in a yoga position and then the goats stands on you. Calvin thought the goats were cute, look how brave he is. He didn't seem to mind he was looking right at the goats bottom. :)
 Easter was fun. The kids all got some really cute PJ's and a K'nex set. Also, a chocolate bunny, gummy bears, bubble gum, squirty applesauce, a $1 bill and some coloring things. I've been really sick so it was a little low key, but it was nice.
 Calvin LOVES squirty applesauce!!
 Jax and Rod eating their bunnies.
Calvin getting ready to eat his bunny-- None of them but Jax got more then half those bunnies eaten! :) Jax is my sugar boy.
  Justin spent a couple hours building a huge airplane with the boys. I love Rod's pose in these.

On Saturday we went to Justin's first outdoor game of the season! The boys played on the playground the whole time!
 It was really fun to hang out with Porter and Eli for a little while!!
Jax and Rod both had soccer games on Saturday too! Jax scored 2 goals in the game on tuesday, so did Rod! And this Saturday Rod scored 3! Watching the boys play and work hard is really fun.
 On Thursday Lisa and Sam came down with their kids and I bleached Lisa's hair! It turned out so cute!! And Sam mowed our lawn!!
 I loved this outfit cal was wearing...
Rod and Cal sometimes play so nice together. Here they are both playing with their "Maui hooks" Rod's is actually a real one, (more on that in a sec...!) and Cal's is a plastic water squirter.
 When Rod earned 10 behavior bucks this, instead of playing extra video games, Rod earned a much anticipated Maui hook! My parents made it, my Dad carved it, my mom burned the designs in the wood and it is AMAZING!! He plays with it constantly. It makes him so happy. Usually he has his shirt off. Rod plays with his shirt off a lot. My mom asked Rod why he takes his shirt off and he said it was because "I looks so good with my shirt off, I look almost like Isaac with my shirt off."
 I love these pictures pictures! We got the kids up on Monday and got them ready for school only to find out it was a teacher prep day and they had no school! So Jax and Rod looked super cute for the day at home! Justin always gets them looking so handsome every morning for school. I love looking at them. :)
This is cute, I had it on my phone..
So on Monday because the kids had school off  Justin and I took them to the park and Justin played tag with them. That is always fun to watch! It's definitely one of the kids favorite activities! It was pretty cold though...we could only stay a little while.
 I love watching Cal on his balance bike. You can't really tell from the pictures but it is SO CUTE!! 
 My climber!
 How cute are my boys?? Obviously I'm smitten constantly!! :)

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