Monday, June 12, 2017

May 11th -May 18th

We had a nice little park visit, the kids loved it. Monkey bars are a huge favorite right now; they love the similarities of America Ninja Warrior... :)
Rod was finally able to make it up the Tataipu's tree!! I took a picture to remember!
We also went to Seven Peaks with Natasha's family and my mom! It was GREAT! As always. Calvin though seems to be getting more and more afraid each time we go... THAT is not great. He is perfectly happy to sit on the chairs and watch. It's kinda sad because I know he would love it if he just let loose a little. We are going to keep going and I hope more exposure will help him feel more comfortable. The wave pool is what he is most scared of. TERRIFIED of.
Natasha's kids are constantly freezing. I thought it was so funny when I was looking through my pictures and the ones I have of her kids make them look SO cold!! It wasn't the warmest day, so that didn't help. Cute littles.
I love this picture of Natasha.
And then Zach and Clarissa came down to see us all!! They ran the 1/2 marathon and then chilled with us at my moms. It was so fun!! We got Slab pizza that night and it tasted SO good. Also my mom made rhubarb bread pudding! YUM!
There are naked pictures here! But I could not, NOT take these pictures!! This kid was killing me!! How cute are these images!??
More little cuties!!
As promised, the work Justin has done on our impending BEAUTIFUL pergola!! We are so excited! The wood is going to be stained that light white color. He has already attached the first big board that everything else is going to stem off of! It was a big job!
Here is our garden that Justin planted and I picked out the plants. You can't see all of them.. we scaled it down from our earlier years because the plants always get huge and unmanageable. 
Arianne is coming this next week so it's sure to be a good one!! Summer has been great so far!!

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