Monday, June 5, 2017

First Week of June!

Jaxton has been WAITING and WAITING to be able to mow my mom's lawn. We think he is finally big enough. She will sweetly pay $20 to whichever grandson does, and this kid loves money almost as much as he loves spending it! He was so proud, and it was hard work!! I loved watching him work hard and finish. He quickly found his $20 on the magnet board and then decided to do Rod's $5 job of water her plants as well. Rod was not interested after he realized it was "Hot out there!" 
Calvin uncharacteristically falling asleep during a show! His naps have been so off. If he naps he doesn't sleep well at night, but he NEEDS naps...grrr.
 Memorial day was so nice. We went to the program they have a the Provo Cemetery it was really great, such great reminders about such good things.
We also went and visited Eli and Miles at the Spanish Fork Cemetery; which is also always nice.
These pictures are so precious!!
 Seven Peaks is open!! We were so excited to go! Calvin is definitely timid. But Jax and Rod are little water babies and have such a blast the entire time. We went with my friend Ashleigh and her kids, it was too much fun. Cute kid pictures alert! The kids were all in such good moods we got some great pictures! 
Linc and Cal are such cute little friends; they are opposites but love each other and get a long so well. They are SO cute together!!

Ashleigh loves to take pictures, so we are always well documented when we are together. I LOVE that girl.

 My other friend, Eve, had a birthday so a bunch of us went to GetOut Games. It was pretty darn fun. But, sadly, Justin and I were on a team together and our team lost...! The people on the left were all on a team agains the people on the right. But we got delicious ice cream after. So, all was forgotten. :)
 These cute kids! Rod is holding a rainbow fidget spinner, (he made me take this picture and send it to my niece Katelyn because she babysat the night before and he wasn't able to show her then. He just KNEW she was wanting to see it!) and Jax made a "human" out of their Kinex. :)
 Isaac came down for the weekend! So, we all got together on Sunday evening at a nice little park in Springville Canyon. The kids had so much fun at the little river! The adults played spike ball and watched said kids. It's always so nice to get together with everyone! Such a special treat when we get to hang with any of my family that isn't local! Also, local family is AWESOME!! :)
Also, these picture are SOOOO CUTE!! I die every time I look at them!! 
 Jax begged and begged all week for a playdate with Max. On Saturday we arranged it. He was so excited to go rope swing and play in Max's secret hide out! Natasha's house never disappoints!
Also, I should have taken a picture, I will for next week; Justin planted our garden and he started building a PERGOLA for our sauna of a backyard!! We are so excited. How lucky are we to have such a handy guy around!! 
 Yay for the start of summer!!

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